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How can I get some help with this?

Please email questions and suggestions to, since they will help in forming future version of fmripower.

Wait, I'm an FSL user, why do I need SPM to run the power analysis?

Fmripower uses some spm functions to read in data and for displaying the results, so this is the only reason why FSL users need to install SPM. It is easy to do and will only take a few minutes. You DO NOT need to reanalyze your data in SPM.

What if I have zipped the image files within my .gfeat directory to save disc space?

The application should be able to work with analyze or nifti images that are zipped or unzipped. That said, if the program unexpectedly crashes the first thing I would check is if you personally zipped the files (zipping automatically done by fsl should be fine).

Stops and error message says something about not finding an image file

Check the directory where the image is and see if there is a .nii.gz as well as a .nii copy of the file. If there is, then delete the .nii copy and try running again.

Matlab says "??? Undefined function or variable 'fmripower'."

This means you have not added the fmripower directory to your Matlab path. Use the addpath command (followed by the path to the fmripower directory) to do this.

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